St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
Decatur, AL

Numquam eius

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May 14, 2017                     "The Gate of Heaven"                        Rev. Darryl Goldman          

The Gate of Heaven

May 7, 2017                       "Where They Know Your Name"         Rev. Darryl Goldman          

Where They Know Your Name

April 30, 2017                     "Recognizing Jesus"                          Elder Ceil Hydrick               Recognizing Jesus

April 23, 2017                     "Behind Close Doors"                        Rev. Darryl Goldman          Behind Close Doors

April 16, 2017                     "I Have Seen The Lord"                     Rev. Darryl Goldman          I Have Seen The Lord

April 9, 2017                       "Donkey's!"                                      Rev. Darryl Goldman          Donkey's!

April 2, 2017                       "When Bones Dance The Mambo       Rev. Darryl Goldman          When Bones Dance the Mambo

March 26, 2017                   "Now I See"                                     Rev. Darryl Goldman          Now I See

March 19, 2017                    "Living Waters"                                Rev. Darryl Goldman          Living Waters

March 12, 2017                    "Friends in High Places"                    Rev. Darryl Goldman          Friends in High Places

March 5, 2017                      "Satan Sunday?"                               Rev. Darryl Goldman          Satan Sunday?

February 26, 2017                "Mountains and Valleys"                    Rev. Darryl Goldman          Mountains and Valleys

February 19, 2017                "When Does Life Begin"                     Rev. Richard Brook            When Does Life Begin


February 12, 2017                "The Lion Tamer"                              Rev. Darryl Goldman          The Lion Tamer

February 5, 2017                  "Salt and Light"                                 Rev. Darryl Goldman          Salt and Light

January 29, 2017                  "The Pursuit of Happiness"                 Rev.  Darryl Goldman         The Pursuit of Happiness

January 22, 2017                  "Fishers of People"                            Rev. Darryl Goldman           Fishers of People

January 15, 2017                  "Come and See"                                Rev. Darryl Goldman              Come and See

January 8, 2017                    Sorry - Technical Difficulty (which means Operator Error)

January 1, 2017                    Met with Westminister and First Pres. at First Pres.

December 25, 2016               Met with Westminister and First Pres. at Westminister

December 24, 2016               "The Innkeeper"                                Rev. Darryl Goldman            Christmas Eve Service

December 18, 2016               "Delicate Conversation with Joseph"    Rev. Darryl Goldman      Delicate Conversation with Joseph

December 11, 2016               "Christmas Choir Program"                 Chancel Choir                      Christmas Choir Program 


December 4, 2016                     "Stumped"                                    Rev. Darryl Goldman              Stumped

November 27, 2016                   "What is Our Hope at SAPC"              Elder John Jordan                  What is Our Hope at SAPC

November 20, 2016                   "Remember Me"                             Rev. Darryl Goldman              Remember Me

November 13, 2016                   "I'm Not Ready for Christmas"         Rev. Darryl Goldman              I'm Not Ready for Christmas

November 6, 2016                     "Ownership"                                  Rev. Darryl Goldman               Ownership

October 30, 2016                       "Rediscovering Grace"                    Rev. Darryl Goldman               Rediscovering Grace

October 23, 2016                       "God's Dysfunctional Family"           Rev. Darryl Goldman               God's Dysfunctional Family

October 16, 2016                       "Pushy Prayer?"                             Rev. Darryl Goldman                Pushy Prayer?

October 9, 2016       "Gratitude: An Acquired Habit"         Rev. Darryl Goldman  Gratitude: An Acquired Habit

October 2, 2016 "The Mustard Seed"     Rev. Darryl Goldman The Mustard Seed

September 25, 2016 "Writing the 29th Chapter of Acts"   Rev. Darryl Goldman     Writing the 29th Chapter of Acts

September 18, 2016 "Joy Unspeakable"     Rev. Darryl Goldman   Joy Unspeakable

September 11, 2016 "Prodigal Father"     Rev. Darryl Goldman   Prodigal Father

September 4, 2016 "We Are The Clay"     Rev. Darryl Goldman                  We Are The Clay

August 28, 2016                        "Calming The Storm"                       Bob Lawton   Calming The Storm


August 21, 2016                        "Transformed"                                Rev. Darryl Goldman                Transformed

August 14, 2016 "Look Who's Watching"     Rev. Darryl Goldman   Look Who's Watching

August 7, 2016 "Restful Rock Climbing     Rev. Darryl Goldman  Restful Rock Climbing

July 31, 2016 "Interruption Friendly"             Rev. Darryl Goldman   Interruption Friendly

July 17, 2016 "When He Saw Their Faith"         Rev. Darryl Goldman  When He Saw Their Faith

July 10, 2016 "Tearing Up with One Eye"         Rev. Darryl Goldman   Tearing Up with One Eye

July 3, 2016 "Washing in the Detroit River"       Rev. Darryl Goldman   Washing in the Detroit River

June 26, 2016 "You Are On Your Own"             Rev. Darryl Goldman   You are On Your Own

June 19, 2016 "Good News for Spelunkers"     Rev. Darryl Goldman   Good News for Spelunkers

June 12, 2016 "Dangerous Outsider"     Rev. Darryl Goldman  Dangerous Outsider

June 5, 2016 "Brawling With God"     Rev. Darryl Goldman  Brawling With God

May 29, 2016 "What We Choose To See"   Rev. Darryl Goldman    What_We_Choose_To_See.mp3

May 22, 2016 "Lord Help Me Push this Camel Through" Rev. Darryl Goldman      Lord_Help_Me_Push_This_Camel_Through.mp3

May 15, 2016 "A Sweet Spirit in this Place"    Rev. Darryl Goldman                  A_Sweet_Spirit_In_This_Place.mp3

May 8, 2016 "Jailhouse Rock"     Rev. Darryl Goldman Jailhouse_Rock.mp3

Mar. 6, 2016 "Take Off Your Shoes"     Rev. Darryl Goldman          Take Off Your Shoes

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