St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
Decatur, AL

Member Care

 and Fellowship

Sharing the Good News

St. Andrew's congregation shares the good news of God's love by sharing hospitality in joy and comfort. Through meals during sickness and death, cards and telephone calls of encouragement and good wishes, we volunteer to help those in our congregation in need.

Growing in Faith

As we practice serving, there is a time to grow in faith. We provide for the needs of those who make known special requests by volunteering to do odd jobs; providing transportation for grocery shopping, doctors' visits, and church events; making visits during hospitalization or home confinement; and providing nursery attendants during services.

Living in God's Love

We live in God's love while enjoying fellowship with others in the congregation. The CATS trips, family fellowships, special dinners, Christmas brunch, Wednesday night suppers, and Hanging of the Greens provide opportunities for Christian fellowship at St. Andrew.